Knitting the trend!

Knitting has evolved from something your grandmother used to do, to a new trend amongst the young. You can find people knitting on the subway , bus and even in a bar! Thats right you can grab a drink and knit all in one. A new trend is seeing groups of women set up alternative knitting groups called “Stitch n Bitch”. The women meet weekly in bars to Gossip and compare tricky patterns over a glass of wine or whiskey.¬†Knitting has grown popular over the last few years with celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, but the Stitch n Bitch seems to be the new book club for the middle class.

People knit for many reasons besides just to make beautiful items. Relaxation, creativity, feeling of accomplishment, pleasure, tradition, develop a skill and simply because they love to give people a beautiful knitted.

Knitting has become so big that one man is even knitting a scarf while running a marathon. David Babcock was able to knit a 12 foot scarf in under 6 hours. His intentions for these knitting marathons are to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s. ¬† There is always something so peaceful about knitting.

I used to work at a “Sewing Studio” in manhattan and one of the customers introduced me to knitting. It was something that from a distance i never thought i could do however after a week of practicing I LOVED IT! I wasn’t even making anything, but just being able to stitch and the feeling of accomplishment was amazing. I am not the best knitter but it is something I enjoy doing to kill time.

I would definitely suggest knitting to those looking to try something new!