In the Community

Mariners Harbor, known best around Staten Island for the shootings and murders that occur in the area, however living here for 23 years I know it a little differently than others. Within the last 8 years Mariners Harbor has really developed and is still making changes. The first big changes to the community was the grand opening of Kohls in 2007 and the Regal Cinema . For years before that whole shopping area was desolated and abandoned. Soon after kohls they opened a Lowes right across the parking lot. Soon after the rise of shopping plazas swarmed Mariners Harbor. These plazas are great because they provide convenience to the community and hopefully they are supplying jobs to the community as well. We have stores that range from Entenmann’s and comic book jones to white castle and family dollar. The most recent (I believe wasted space) building to be built is Harbor Freight. this took up the spot of Western Beef (now up the block). I think they should have put a resturant in that area. Like a Red Lobster, Olive garden etc something everyday people actualy benefit from not a specialty store. They also recently updated our Library in the summer of 2013. We now have a beautiful state of the art library. The library host events especially for the youth of the community. the other day I received a notice from The dept of parks to inform us that the  “Big Park” in the community will be getting a full renovation! This park has been the same for the 23 years I have lived here and who knows how long before that! They are holding meetings to get feedback from the community on what we would  like to see. About a week or two ago they recently cut down a bunch of trees on south ave by the movie theater and they now have a land for lease sign. it actually felt kind of sad to see those trees go because they have been part of my landscape for so long but i’m interested to see how they choose to develop the area. Hopefully its something to benefit those in the community.


Class exercise

Living behind the Hylan Plaza in Staten Island, Ashley speaks about the events of her community and what she believes can be done to improve her neighborhood. Living there for about 20 years, Ashley senses a lack of togetherness on a regular basis. However she tell me ” When there needs to be a sense of “Community” we call do come together to help one another. One example is during Hurricane Sandy, Thankfully no one on my block was directly affected but some had families elsewhere on the island and we banded together for a common cause. however on a regular basis Ashley and her neighbors have little interaction with on another. “The house directly next door to me has 3 elderly people all over 85 living there alone, so me and my family do things for them all the time” said Ashley. “We take their garbage to the curb, shovel, bring the newspaper to the door etc. Ashley noticed a few things in her community that need immediate attention. One of those problems being a lack of a red light. “I live on a 4 way street and people come racing through the stop signs especially during the summer, were not to far away from a school where there are kids all the time. why wait until someone gets hit to do something about it”. Another issue in her community is Hylan Plaza itself. The lack of flourishing business  makes the once vibrant plaza look shady and has actually become an attraction ground to the homeless. “The bums are taking over the plaza, for almost a whole month they were camped out under they Hylan Plaza sign and scattered throughout the plaza”. This makes shopping there unappealing especially compared to the 2 beautifly plazas located on both sides of Hylan Plaza. There is talk about changing Hylan Plaza and Ashley hopes that comes sooner than later.