My love for Pintrest!!

People love using Pinterest to learn how to pursue their projects and interests, and it shows. I LOVE Pintrest because it allows me to enjoy the creativity of others and really get inspiration about any and everything! Pinterest is a place to discover ideas for all projects and interests. Because Pinterest is filled with users’ favorite bookmarked ideas and products, it’s an ideal source of inspiration. When a person wants a recipe for chocolate cake, why not search on Pinterest to see which versions other people find delicious? When a person wants infographics about social media, a quick search on Pinterest turns up dozens of good options. Likewise, simply scrolling through your feed reveals all the latest pins from your contacts. That’s why Pinterest is an easy inspiration source for a wide range of topics.  Reason two to enjoy Pinterest is the relaxation of it. I think its the only “social networking” site that makes it okay to “creep” other’s profiles. . Designed to be simple, clean, and easy to use, it gives users a way to unwind with pretty pictures that they can curate as they like. Many of the people on Pinterest like myself are just enjoying downtime between work or unwinding at night before bed. When I feel a need to step away from my work routine, I often turn to Pinterest. I don’t subscribe to a lot of print publications so for me, it’s the equivalent of flipping through a magazine. I find ideas and inspiration for food to make (lots of that), styles to try, gifts to give and projects to improve my home. pinterest